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Prince of Tennis - Ryuuzaki Sakuno
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School: Seishun Gakuen Chuugakkou
Grade: Year 1, Class 1
Birthday: 1/14
Height: 151cm
Dominant Arm: Right
Family: Grandmother Sumire
School Tennis Year 1-2: Seishun Gakuen Female Tennis Club Member
First Appearance Volume 1, Chapter 1
Mini-Bio Sakuno is the first of the Seigaku characters to meet Echizen Ryoma, who inspired her to become involved with tennis. Sakuno didn't impress Echizen much during their first meeting, giving him the wrong directions to Kakino Kizaka. As a result, Echizen was late to his match and disqualified. Sakuno has a crush on Echizen (who bailed her out of trouble several times), but is too shy to act on it. She and her best friend Osakada Tomoka are in the same class.
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