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Prince of Tennis - Sengoku Kiyosumi
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Birthday: 11/25
Height: 170cm
Weight: 59kg
Dominant Arm: Right
Play Style: All-Rounder
Family: Parents, older sister
Education Elementary School: Yamabuki Daiichi
Middle School: Yamabuki Year 3, Class 3 #14
School Tennis Year 2: Yamabuki Team Regular; Jr. Senbatsu Training Camp Member
Year 3: Yamabuki Team Regular; U-17 Selection Camp
First Appearance Volume 6, Chapter 44
Mini-Bio Nicknamed by his peers because of his insurmountable good luck, Lucky Sengoku had the opportunity last year to replace Tezuka Kunimitsu at the Jr. Senbatsu Training Camp after the latter refused the invitation. Unfortunately, Sengoku appeared to have used up his luck this year, losing two highly-contested matches. After his lost to Kamio Akira, Sengoku took a short break to reinvent his tennis and returned anewed, leading Yamabuki to the Nationals. Sengoku is quite a flirt. When he was first introduced, he was up and about scouting for pretty young girls. Sengoku has incredible motion vision.
Technique Dunk Smash - A smash that packs a lot of power.
Kohou - A high jumping serve .
Character Popularity Poll
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18th (468 Votes) 8th (2568 Votes) 10th (4149 Votes) 20th (1265 Votes)
Official Record
Singles Doubles Singles Doubles
2008 2-1 - 2-0 -
Official Singles Results
8/2008 National R2 S1 W (6-4) Nanahara Shou
8/2008 National R1 S1 W (6-4) Richard Sakata
7/2008 Kantou Regional R2 S2 L (6-7) Kamio Akira
7/2008 Kantou Regional R1 S2 W (6-2) Uchiyama Itaru
5/2008 Tokyo Prefectural F S3 L (5-7) Momoshiro Takeshi
5/2008 Tokyo Prefectural R4 S3 W (6-0) Nakayama
5/2008 Tokyo Prefectural R2 S3 W (6-0) Kawamura
5/2007 Tokyo Prefectural QF S3 L Tezuka Kunimitsu