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Prince of Tennis - Tooyama Kintarou
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Birthday: 4/1
Height: 151cm
Weight: 52kg
Dominant Arm: Right
Family: Parents, dog
Education Elementary School: Doutonbori Daiichi
Middle School: Shitenhouji Year 1, Class 4 #20
School Tennis Year 1: Shitenhouji Team Regular; U-17 Selection Camp
First Appearance Volume 28, Chapter 245 (Wild 1)
Mini-Bio While Echizen Ryoma commanded the headlines at the Kantou Tournament by conquering the Emperor Sanada Genichirou, Tooyama was creating his own waves at the Kansai Tournament, annihilating the region's best players. Although he has a petite physique, Tooyama is insanely strong. He struck a golf ball farther than Kichijouji Rei, the No. 1 golfer at Joushuuin Daigaku, using a 5-iron club that he bent with his bare hands. He beat up a gang of high schoolers and Kichijouji's bodyguards. Tooyama also has unparalleled stamina and speed. After Chitose Senri's defeat to Tezuka Kunimitsu ruined Tooyama's chance of a face-off against Echizen, Tooyama challenged Echizen to an unofficial one-point match, which ended in a stalemate. During the National finals, Tooyama tried to stall time for Echizen by making the same challenge to Yukimura Seiichi, who effortlessly quelled Tooyama's wilderness. Tooyama probably doesn't receive high marks in his academics. Heading to Tokyo for the Nationals, he got off the train in Shizuoka, mistaken that Fujisan was located in Tokyo. Kanji is not his strong point either, mispronouncing Echizen's name Koshimae. During his detour through Shizuoka and Hakone, Tooyama met a traveling buddy, Horio Junpei, a 21-year-old with two years of bicycling experience.
Technique Daisharin Yamaarashi - This technique is even more powerful than Ishida Gin's Lvl. 108 Hadoukyuu.
Character Popularity Poll
Round 3 Round 4
49th (567 Votes) 34th (522 Votes)
Official Record
Singles Doubles
2008 1-0 -
Official Singles Results
8/2008 National QF S3 W (retired) Ibu Shinji
7/2008 Kansai Regional F W Hagi Einoshin
Unofficial Singles Matches
8/2008 0-15 Yukimura Seiichi
8/2008 - Echizen Ryoma