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Prince of Tennis - Dan Tachi
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Birthday: 1/2
Height: 147cm
Weight: 40kg
Dominant Arm: Left
Family: Parents, younger sister
Education Elementary School: Yamabukidai
Middle School: Yamabuki Year 1, Class 1 #13
School Tennis Year 1: Yamabuki Team Manager > (5/2008) Team Investigator
First Appearance Volume 11, Chapter 90
Mini-Bio Dan previously served as Yamabuki's manager, but through Echizen Ryoma and Akutsu Jin's influences, he later decided to play tennis instead of just watching it. Even though he has a very small build, Dan is not afraid of interacting with the violent Akutsu. In fact, they seem to be pretty close to each other. Dan was the most emotionally affected by Akutsu's departure and the headband Dan sports once belonged to Akutsu. Dan likes to tag a "desu" to the end of his sentences.
Character Popularity Poll
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28th (584 Votes) 48th (579 Votes)