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Prince of Tennis - Timeline
- Thanks to lechaco for the inspiration and her own version of a Prince of Tennis timeline.
- The Japanese school year starts in April and ends in March.
- The spring season is from April to June, summer from July to September, autumn from October to December, and winter from January to March.
2003 Spring - Akutsu Jin defeated Shiratama.
Summer Jul - Rikkai Dai Fuzoku won the Kantou Tournament.
2004 Spring May - Yanagi Renji moved from Tokyo to Kanagawa, ending his doubles partnership with Inui Sadaharu.
Summer Jul - Rikkai Dai Fuzoku won the Kantou Tournament.
2005 - Yukimura Seiichi defeated Sanada Genichirou in the finals of a Jr. Tournament. After the tournament, both Yukimura and Sanada played against Tezuka Kunimitsu and Sanada lost.
2006 - Tezuka Kunimitsu sealed the Hyaku Ren Jitoku no Kiwami. We don't know whether this occurred before or after his elbow injury.
Spring Apr - Tezuka Kunimitsu injured his left elbow.
- Yukimura Seiichi, Sanada Genichirou, and Yanagi Renji became regulars on the Rikkai Dai Fuzoku tennis team.
- Ooishi Shuuchirou and Kikumaru Eiji began playing doubles together.
Summer Jul - Rikkai Dai Fuzoku won the Kantou Tournament.
Aug - Rikkai Dai Fuzoku won the National Tournament.
Autumn - Marui Bunta defeated Akutagawa Jirou at the Newcomer Tournament.
2007 Spring Apr - Yuuta Fuji enrolled at Seishun Gakuen, but did not join the tennis club.
- Kirihara Akaya joined the Rikkai Dai Fuzoku tennis club and was humiliated by the Three Demons.
- Seishun Gakuen won its District Preliminary Tournament.
May - At the Tokyo Prefectural Tournament, Seishun Gakuen defeated St. Rudolph Gakuin and Yamabuki, but lost to Hyoutei Gakuen in the finals.
Summer Jul - Rikkai Dai Fuzoku won the Kantou Tournament by defeating Seishun Gakuen and Hyoutei Gakuen.
Aug - Rikkai Dai Fuzoku won the National Tournament by defeating Shitenhouji and Makinofuji Gakuin. Shishigaku lost to Makinofuji.
- During the Kouhaku Sen at Shishigaku, Tachibana Kippei injured Chitose Senri's right eye. Afterward, they both quit the club.
Sep - Momoshiro Takeshi and Kaidou Kaoru became Seishun Gakuen regulars.
Autumn Oct - Chitose Senri transferred to Shitenhouji.
- Tachibana Kippei transferred to Fudoumine and rebuilt the tennis club.
Nov - Mizuki Hajime recruited Kisarazu Atsushi from Rokkaku and Fuji Yuuta from Seishun Gakuen.
- Kirihara Akaya defeated Hiyoshi Wakashi at the Newcomer Tournament. Fudoumine was banned.
- Sanada Genichirou, Yanagi Renji, Atobe Keigo, and Sengoku Kiyosumi attended the Junior Senbatsu Training Camp. Sengoku was invited after Tezuka Kunimitsu turned down the invitation.
2008 Winter - Yukimura Seiichi collapsed and was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
Mar - Akutsu Jin joined the Yamabuki tennis team.
Spring Apr - During Seishun Gakuen's Ranking Tournament, Echizen Ryoma and Kawamura Takashi became regulars. Inui Sadaharu was ousted and became Seigaku's manager.
- Seishun Gakuen won its District Preliminary Tournament by defeating Fudoumine.
- Tezuka Kunimitsu defeated Echizen Ryoma.
May - Seishun Gakuen won the Tokyo Prefectural Tournament by defeating St. Rudolph Gakuin and Yamabuki. Fudoumine upset Hyoutei Gakuen, but then forfeited against Yamabuki. Hyoutei defeated St. Rudolph to qualify for the Kantou Tournament. The first five rounds took place on the first day of the tournament while the last two rounds took place a week later.
- Shishido Ryou was dropped from the Hyoutei Gakuen regulars.
- Akutsu Jin quit tennis.
Jun - Inui Sadaharu rejoined the Seishun Gakuen regulars by ousting Momoshiro Takeshi during the Ranking Tournament.
- Amane Hikaru defeated 100 Hyoutei Gakuen pre-regulars. Hiyoshi Wakashi was assumed to be among those pre-regulars.
Summer Jul - Shishido Ryou rejoined the Hyoutei Gakuen regulars by ousting Taki Haginosuke. Hiyoshi Wakashi became a regular.
- (Sun 7/13) Ooishi Shuuchirou injured his right wrist, relinquishing his spot on the team to Momoshiro Takeshi.
- KANTOU TOURNAMENT Round 1 Matches: Seishun Gakuen defeated Hyoutei Gakuen. Tezuka Kunimitsu injured his left shoulder.
- (Tues 7/15) Tezuka Kunimitsu went to Seishun University Hospital in Miyazaki, Kyuushuu.
- (Thurs 7/17) Yukimura Seiichi was admitted to the Kanai General Hospital.
- (Sun 7/20) KANTOU TOURNAMENT Round 2 and Semifinal Matches: Seishun Gakuen defeated Midoriyama and Rokkaku. Fudoumine defeated Yamabuki, but lost to Rikkai Dai Fuzoku.
- (Sun 7/27) KANTOU TOURNAMENT Final, 3rd-Place, and Consolation Matches: Seishun Gakuen defeated Rikkai Dai Fuzoku to win the tournament. Fudoumine placed 3rd by defeating Rokkaku. Yamabuki and Midoriyama qualified for the National Tournament.
- Yukimura Seiichi had his surgery.
Aug - (Thurs 8/7) Seishun Gakuen held a 3-day training camp with Rokkaku.
- (Sun 8/10) Tokyo was chosen to host the National Tournament. Hyoutei Gakuen was invited to the National Tournament.
- (Mon 8/11) Tachibana Kippei and Fuji Shuusuke played a match.
- (Thurs 8/14) Tezuka Kunimitsu returned to Tokyo.
- (Sat 8/16) Tezuka Kunimitsu rejoined the Seishun Gakuen regulars, ousting Ooishi Shuuchirou.
- (Sun 8/17) NATIONAL TOURNAMENT Rounds 1 and 2 Matches: Higa defeated Rokkaku, but lost to Seishun Gakuen. Midoriyama lost in Round 1 and Yamabuki lost in Round 2.
- (Mon 8/18) NATIONAL TOURNAMENT Quarterfinal Matches: Seigaku and Hyoutei Gakuen's match began. Matches were suspended because of the rain.
- (Tues 8/19) NATIONAL TOURNAMENT Quarterfinal and Semifinal Matches: Ooishi Shuuchirou re-registered to play against Hyoutei Gakuen. Seishun Gakuen defeated Hyoutei Gakuen, and Shitenhouji defeated Fudoumine. Seishun Gakuen later defeated Shitenhouji. Chitose Senri attained Saikikanpatsu no Kiwami while playing against Tachibana Kippei.
- (Wed 8/20) The National Tournament Finals was postponed for 3 days.
- (Sat 8/23) NATIONAL TOURNAMENT Final Match: Seishun Gakuen defeated Rikkai Dai Fuzoku to win the tournament.
- Fifty middle schoolers were invited to the U-17 Selection Camp.
2009 Spring April - Kaidou Kaoru became Seishun Gakuen's captain.
- Echizen Ryoma returned to the U.s.