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Prince of Tennis - Banda 'Banjii' Mikiya
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Occupation: Yamabuki Chuugakkou Advisor
Age: 70
First Appearance Volume 11, Chapter 93
Mini-Bio Banjii (= Banda + Ojii) has been an advisor on the Yamabuki team for more than 20 years. Of all the advisors introduced in the series, Banjii is the most good-humored. He always takes advantage of Ryuuzaki Sumire's somewhat gullible personality and manages to get the best of her each time. Whenever Banjii appears, he is seen wearing a smile on his face, even when being physically threatened by Akutsu Jin, whom Banjii has a lot of hope for. Prior to the Kantou Tournament, Banjii tried to persuade Akutsu and Tezuka Kunimitsu to expand their potential aboard in California.