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Prince of Tennis - Horio Satoshi
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School: Seishun Gakuen Chuugakkou
Grade: Year 1, Class 2
Birthday: 9/20
Height: 151cm
Dominant Arm: Right
Family: Older brother Junpei (21)
School Tennis Year 1-2: Seishun Gakuen Club Member
First Appearance Volume 1, Chapter 2
Mini-Bio Horio has two years of tennis experience under his belt and consistently brags about his knowledge of tennis to his first-year peers. For a guy with such a big mouth, Horio does not have the goods to back up his words and needed Echizen Ryoma's assistance in several tight situations. Horio's older brother Junpei has two years of bicycling experience.
Character Popularity Poll
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24th (159 Votes) 56th (30 Votes)