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Prince of Tennis - Chitose Senri
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Birthday: 12/31
Height: 194cm
Weight: 81kg
Dominant Arm: Left
Level: National (Singles)
Family: Parents, younger sister Miyuki
Education Elementary School: Kumamoto Daiichi (Kyuushuu)
Middle School: Shishigaku > Shitenhouji Year 3, Class 1 #17
School Tennis Year 2: Shishigaku Team Regular > (Autumn 2007) Shitenhouji Team Regular
Year 3: Shitenhouji Team Regular; U-17 Selection Camp
First Appearance Volume 27, Chapter 236
Mini-Bio Known as the Two Wings of Kyuushuu, last year, Chitose and his close friend Tachibana Kippei dominated their region and powered Shishigaku to a semifinal appearance at the Nationals. Their bright future hit a snag when during an intrasquad match, Tachibana's Abare Dama injured Chitose's right eye. Chitose's impaired vision forced him to quit the team, and as an atonement, Tachibana quit tennis. Fortunately, their tennis careers were far from over. Chitose, even though he never recovered full visual acuity, joined Osaka's Shitenhouji while Tachibana became a part of Tokyo's Fudoumine. Ever since Chitose attained Muga no Kyouchi, he spent a lot of time researching the technique and learned that there are three doors beyond Muga. Although he was able to open one of the doors, he was unable to gather enough courage to step through that door until the match against Tachibana. After their match, Chitose resigned from Shitenhouji, but Watanabe Osamu refused to accept his resignation and much to his delight, asked him to play Tezuka Kunimitsu. During the lopsided match, Chitose realized that he had subconsciously limited his evolution. Chitose has a younger sister, Miyuki, who also plays tennis.
Technique Muga no Kyouchi - Chitose is one of the first players to attain the Muga no Kyouchi. Chitose did a lot of research on it and learned that it has 3 doors.
Kamikakushi - The ball "disappears" after making contact with the user's racket.
Saikikanpatsu no Kiwami - One of Muga no Kyouchi's 3 doors and a singles-only technique. The user gains the ability to foresee the outcome of a point. Chitose knew that he wouldn't have the courage to walk through this door unless he was playing against Tachibana.
Character Popularity Poll
Round 3 Round 4
41st (831 Votes) 34th (522 Votes)
Official Record
Singles Doubles
2008 1-1 1-0
Official Singles Results
8/2008 National SF D1* L (1-6) Tezuka Kunimitsu
8/2008 National QF S2 W (7-5) Tachibana Kippei
*NOTE: Although on paper, it was a doubles match with Zaizen Hikaru and Inui Sadaharu, it was a de facto singles match between Chitose and Tezuka.
Official Doubles Results
8/2008 National R2 D1 W (6-0) Shiraishi Yamamoto-Mizuse
Shishigaku's Kouhaku Sen
9/2007 - Tachibana Kippei