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Prince of Tennis - Tachibana Kippei
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Birthday: 8/15
Height: 179cm
Weight: 67kg
Dominant Arm: Right
Play Style: All-Rounder
Level: National (Singles)
Family: Great-grandmother, grandmother, parents, younger sister An, Boston terrier Gokutora
Education Elementary School: Kumamoto Daiichi (Kyuushuu)
Middle School: Shishigaku > Fudoumine Year 3, Class 6 #11
School Tennis Year 2: Shishigaku Team Regular > (Autumn 2007) Fudoumine Team Captain + Bench Coach
Year 3: Fudoumine Team Captain + Bench Coach; U-17 Selection Camp
First Appearance Volume 3, Chapter 35
Mini-Bio Known as the Two Wings of Kyuushuu, last year, Tachibana and his close friend Chitose Senri dominated their region and powered Shishigaku to a semifinal appearance at the Nationals. Their bright future hit an unexpected setback after Tachibana's Abare Dama injured Chitose's right eye, forcing the latter to quit the team. As an atonement, Tachibana gave up tennis. A month later, Mr. Tachibana transfered the family to Tokyo, where Tachibana enrolled at Fudoumine. After learning that Chitose has picked up tennis again in Osaka, Tachibana returned to the sport. He became sympathetic to the woes of the first-years on the Fudoumine tennis club and led them on a mutiny, gaining the wrath of the senpai. When the coach faulted them for being attacked by the senpai, Tachibana jumped the coach. Although they were barred from the Newcomer Tournament, Tachibana and the first-years had gained control of the club. During the Kantou semifinals, Kirihara Akaya completely dominated Tachibana. The lopsided score resulted because Tachibana had not used his full power. He released the dormant monster within when he collided with Chitose at the Nationals. Tachibana knew that Chitose lied about recovering his right eyesight and thus did not hit a single ball to Chitose's left side.
Technique Abare Jishi - A violent style of tennis.
Moujuu Aura - A condition that is similar to Muga no Kyouchi.
Super Rising - Tachibana returns the ball before it bounces to the highest point. As a result, his opponents have less time to react.
Abare Dama - By hitting the ball with the throat of the racket, it creates the illusions of multiple balls flying off in random directions.
Character Popularity Poll
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21st (291 Votes) 26th (728 Votes) 43rd (816 Votes) 39th (459 Votes)
Official Record
Singles Doubles Singles Doubles Singles Doubles Singles Doubles
2008 2-0 - 2-0 - 2-1 - 2-1 -
Official Singles Results
8/2008 National QF S2 L (5-7) Chitose Senri
8/2008 National R2 S1 W (6-0) Hagi Einoshin
8/2008 National R1 S1 W (6-0) Gondaira Yonezou
7/2008 Kantou Regional 3rd Place S1 W (6-2) Saeki Kojirou
7/2008 Kantou Regional SF S3 L (1-6) Kirihara Akaya
7/2008 Kantou Regional R1 S1 W (6-0) Ueda Shou
5/2008 Tokyo Prefectural QF S3 W (6-0) Shishido Ryou
5/2008 Tokyo Prefectural R1 S1 W (6-0) Kamiyama
4/2008 Tokyo District Prelim. QF S1 W (6-0) Takao
4/2008 Tokyo District Prelim. R1 S1 W (6-0) Osada
Shishigaku's Kouhaku Sen
9/2007 - Chitose Senri
Unofficial Singles Matches
8/2008 - Fuji Shuusuke