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Prince of Tennis - Ooishi Syuichirou
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Birthday: 4/30
Height: 175cm
Weight: 55kg
Dominant Arm: Right
Play Style: Counter Puncher
Level: National (Doubles)
Family: Parents, younger sister, uncle Akitaka
Education Elementary School: Seiharudai Daini
Middle School: Seishun Gakuen Year 3, Class 2 #3
School Tennis Year 1: Seishun Gakuen Club Member
Year 2: Seishun Gakuen Team Regular
Year 3: Seishun Gakuen Team Vice Captain > (7/2008) Team Captain > (8/2008) Team Vice Captain (National Team Champion); U-17 Selection Camp
First Appearance Volume 1, Chapter 4
Mini-Bio As Tezuka Kunimitsu's oldest friend at Seigaku, Ooishi is the door to Tezuka's secrets. Although Ooishi played with a senpai in last year's tournament, his principal doubles partner is Kikumaru Eiji. Ooishi and Kikumaru, a.k.a. the Golden Pair, have been playing doubles since their first year at Seigaku. During Tezuka's temporary absence, Ooishi assumed the role of captain and slowly became more outspoken. He even showed his temper during the Kantou finals when his opponents deliberately knocked Kikumaru down. Before the Kantou Tournament, Ooishi injured his wrist trying to help a falling pregnant woman. Although he played in the championship match against Rikkai, Ooishi had not fully recovered, and was once again sidelined before the Nationals. Fully aware that there was no other doubles team from Seigaku who could take on the combo of Shishido Ryou and Ootori Choutarou, Ooishi re-registered himself just so the Golden Pair could play in that one match. Although they lost that match, the Golden Pair later achieved their goal of becoming the #1 doubles team at the Nationals by defeating Rikkai's top duo of Marui Bunta and Jackal Kuwahara.
Technique Moon Volley - A lob that hits the baseline.
Australian Formation (Doubles) - Both Ooishi, who is serving, and Kikumaru, who is near the net, position themselves at the midline. This makes it harder for the returner to decide which side to return the ball to.
Ooishi Territory (Doubles) - Ooishi positions himself in the midline near the net while at the back, two Kikumarus are on each side of the court.
Synchro (Doubles) - Ooishi and Kikumaru become in synch with each other and play as one. This can only be achieved when the two players completely trust each other.
Character Popularity Poll
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
9th (1392 Votes) 11th (2076 Votes) 17th (2757 Votes) 8th (3661 Votes)
2008 U-17 Results
Day 2 L (4-7) Kikumaru Eiji
Official Record
Singles Doubles Singles Doubles Singles Doubles Singles Doubles
2008 - 3-0 - 3-1 - 0-1 - 1-1
Official Doubles Results
8/2008 National F D1 W (7-5) Kikumaru Marui-Jackal
8/2008 National QF D1 L [6-7 (7-9)] Kikumaru Shishido-Ootori
7/2008 Kantou Regional F D1 L (4-6) Kikumaru Niou-Yagyuu
5/2008 Tokyo Prefectural F D1 W (7-5) Kikumaru Minami-Higashikata
5/2008 Tokyo Prefectural QF D1 L [6-7 (3-7)] Kikumaru Akazawa-Kaneda
5/2008 Tokyo Prefectural R4 D1 W (6-1) Kikumaru Suzuki-Honmura
5/2008 Tokyo Prefectural R3 D1 W (6-0) Kikumaru Yamamoto-Yano
4/2008 Tokyo District Prelim. F D1 W (6-2) Kikumaru Uchimura-Mori
4/2008 Tokyo District Prelim. SF D1 W (6-0) Kikumaru Sawaguchi-Kaneda
4/2008 Tokyo District Prelim. QF D1 W (6-0) Kikumaru Suzuki-Iguchi
8/2007 National W Kikumaru
5/2007 Tokyo Prefectural QF L Seigaku OB Minami-Higashikata
Seigaku Ranking Tournament (2008)
June D L (3-6) Echizen Ryoma
June D W (6-0) Kuwahara Naoya
June D W Mikami Koji
June D W (6-0) Ikeda Masaya
June D W (6-0) Tsuda Shuushi
April A L (1-6) Tezuka Kunimitsu
Unofficial Singles Matches
8/2008 L (0-6) Tezuka Kunimitsu
5/2008 - Kikumaru Eiji
2006 W (6-4) Kikumaru Eiji