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Prince of Tennis - Fuji Syusuke
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Birthday: 2/29
Height: 167cm
Weight: 53kg
Dominant Arm: Right
Play Style: Counter Puncher
Family: Father, mother Yoshiko (49), older sister Yumiko (24), younger brother Yuuta
Education Elementary School: Seiharudai Daisan
Middle School: Seishun Gakuen Year 3, Class 6 #14
School Tennis Year 1: Seishun Gakuen Club Member
Year 2: Seishun Gakuen Team Regular
Year 3: Seishun Gakuen Team Regular (National Team Champion); U-17 Selection Camp
First Appearance Volume 1, Chapter 4
Mini-Bio Most agreed that Fuji was a player not to be taken lightly of. Some even considered him to be more formidable than his captain Tezuka Kunimitsu, but just how strong Fuji was, no one really knew because the Tensai had not played to his full potential. He was content with simply pushing his opponents to their limits and did not have the motivation to win. This year, Fuji's teammates are slowly drawing out his hidden talents. A glimpse of his capabilities first surfaced in the match against Hyoutei when Fuji, inspired by Kawamura Takashi's bloody performance, blew away Akutagawa Jirou. However, it was during the battle against Rikkai that the real Fuji emerged. As he recalled his captain's hard-fought match against Atobe Keigo and strong resolve to carry Seigaku to a National title, Fuji concluded that it was his turn to give his all for Seigaku. Fuji delivered a miraculous victory over Kirihara Akaya even though he was playing blind. Fuji's determination to win shone exuberantly during the back-and-forth match against Shitenhouji's Shiraishi Kuranosuke and it was the first time his teammates saw Fuji so devastated by defeat. This loss became the catalyst to the further evolution of his game. Fuji is very protective of his younger brother, Yuuta.
Technique Tsubame Gaeshi - One of the Triple Counters. When the opponent hits a ball with topspin, Fuji returns with a slice that compounds the spin. Because of this, even after it lands, the ball does not bounce.
Higuma Otoshi - One of the Triple Counters. A technique specifically designed to return smashes.
Disappearing Serve - This is a underhand serve. Fuji twirls the ball and cuts it with the racket. The ball "disappears" after it bounces.
Hakugei - One of the Triple Counters. Fuji hits the ball with heavy back slice, the ball hops, lands straight down on the opponent's backcourt, and bounces back to Fuji.
Kagerou Zutsumi - The Fourth Counter. A return that completely nullify the spin on the ball.
Houou Gaeshi - The upgraded Tsubame Gaeshi. The ball sinks much sooner than the Tsubame Gaeshi.
Kirin Otoshi - The upgraded Higuma Otoshi. Fuji has both hands on the racket when he return smashes.
Hakuryuu - The upgraded Hakugei. Instead of bouncing back to Fuji, the ball bounces to the side after it hits the ground.
Hecatonchires no Monban - The Fifth Counter. Fuji slides the ball continuously over the entire length of the gut on both sides of the racket. Unless the returner can create a spin that cancels out the super spin on the ball, the return will always hit the net.
Hoshi Hanabi - The Sixth Counter. Fuji launches the ball deep into the sky. The ball then crashes down onto the court and bounces out of reach to the side. Like Hakugei, this technique involves manipulation of the wind.
Character Popularity Poll
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
2nd (16682 Votes) 1st (13826 Votes) 2nd (12459 Votes) 2nd (6116 Votes)
2008 U-17 Results
Day 2 W (7-0) Fuji Yuuta
Official Record
Singles Doubles Singles Doubles Singles Doubles Singles Doubles
2008 1-0 1-1 2-0 1-1 2-0 1-0 1-1 1-0
Official Singles Results
8/2008 National F S2 W (7-5) Niou Masaharu
8/2008 National SF S3 L (6-7) Shiraishi Kuranosuke
7/2008 Kantou Regional F S2 W (7-5) Kirihara Akaya
7/2008 Kantou Regional R1 S2 W (6-1) Akutagawa Jirou
5/2008 Tokyo Prefectural QF S2 W (7-5) Mizuki Hajime
5/2008 Tokyo Prefectural R3 S3 W (6-0) Ishizaki
4/2008 Tokyo Distrct Prelim. QF S1 W (6-0) Nakano
Official Doubles Results
8/2008 National R2 D2 W (7-5) Kawamura Hirakoba-Chinen
7/2008 Kantou Regional SF D1 W (6-3) Kikumaru Saeki-Itsuki
5/2008 Tokyo Prefectural F D2 L (3-6) Kawamura Nitobe-Kita
5/2008 Tokyo Prefectural R4 D2 W (6-0) Kawamura Morishima-Nishikawa
4/2008 Tokyo Distrct Prelim. F D2 L (5-3) Kawamura Ishida T.-Sakurai
4/2008 Tokyo Distrct Prelim. SF D2 W (6-0) Kawamura Egawa-Yamanishi
Seigaku Ranking Tournament (2008)
June C - Kikumaru Eiji
June C W (6-0) Arai Masashi
June C W Yoshimura Shun
June C W (6-0) Yoshimura Yuu
June C W (6-0) Hiratsuka Kazuya
April C - Kawamura Takashi
April C W Nagayama Michio
Unofficial Singles Matches
8/2008 - Tachibana Kippei
5/2008 4-3 Echizen Ryoma
2006 W (6-0) Tezuka Kunimitsu
Unofficial Doubles Matches
7/2008 - - Kamio-Ibu