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Prince of Tennis - Atobe Keigo
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Birthday: 10/4
Height: 175cm
Weight: 62kg
Dominant Arm: Right
Play Style: All-Rounder
Level: National (Singles)
Family: Grandparents, parents
Education Elementary School: King's (Great Britain)
Middle School: Hyoutei Gakuen Year 3, Class A #1; Student Council President
School Tennis Year 1: Hyoutei Gakuen Club Member
Year 2: Hyoutei Gakuen Team Regular; Jr. Senbatsu Training Camp Member
Year 3: Hyoutei Gakuen Team Captain; U-17 Selection Camp
First Appearance Volume 6, Chapter 45
Mini-Bio You can recognize Atobe from a mile away. Narcissistic, arrogant and flamboyant, he travels with his own fanclub. Atobe has every reason to be proud of himself. Sitting at the top with the Hyoutei crown, he most recently shattered Tezuka Kunimitsu's once perfect record in a 72-point tiebreak. His unparalleled insight allows him to quickly determine his opponent's weaknesses, as he did with Tezuka's shoulder. Atobe has great work ethic, never stopping to improve himself. Atobe is known for his defensive play style, but his original tennis is at the opposite spectrum. Despite reverting to his Super Attack Style Tennis, Atobe was unable to end Echizen Ryoma's 9-match winning streak. Falling unconscious, Atobe lost the match (and his hair). Atobe's family is one of the richest in the area.
On Atobe Shishido: I'm a member of the Hyoutei tennis club, and he's our Captain...that is all. I'm not interested in personal matters.
Oshitari Y.: Really, I don't understand what he is thinking...that Atobe. Well, at least he always wins his matches. He's really something.
Hiyoshi: I don't dislike the captain's emphasis on skill. That's because I am going to use my skill to take his place someday.
Technique Jack Knife - A powerful two-handed backhand volley.
Hametsu no Rondo - This is a two-step smash. The first smash loosens the opponent's grip and knocks the racket off the hand, leaving his opponent vulnerable for the second smash.
Tannhauser Serve - A serve that doesn't bounce.
Viking Horn - A backwards grip technique that allows Atobe to delay making contact with the ball.
Higuma Otoshi - A technique specifically designed to return smashes.
Koori no Sekai - A technique that allows Atobe to see his opponent's dead angles. With this, Atobe finally overcame Sanada Genichirou's Zan.
Character Popularity Poll
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
27th (128 Votes) 15th (1530 Votes) 3rd (9782 Votes) 1st (12913 Votes)
2008 U-17 Results
Day 2 W (47-45) Hiyoshi Wakashi
Official Record
Singles Doubles Singles Doubles Singles Doubles
2008 2-0 - 1-0 - 1-1 -
Official Singles Results
8/2008 National QF S1 L [6-7 (117-119)] Echizen Ryoma
8/2008 National R2 S1 W (6-0) Daimaru Daikichi
7/2008 Kantou Regional R1 S1 W [7-6 (37-35)] Tezuka Kunimitsu
5/2008 Tokyo Prefectural CM S2 W (6-0) Mizuki Hajime
5/2008 Tokyo Prefectural R3 S1 W (6-0) Hanaki
5/2007 Tokyo Prefectural F W Seigaku OB (Captain)
Unofficial Singles Matches
8/2008 0-4 Sanada Genichirou
7/2008 W Shishido Ryou
? L Sanada Genichirou
Unofficial Doubles Matches
5/2008 0-15 Kabaji Momoshiro-Kamio
5/2008 W (1-0) Kabaji Izumi-Fukawa